Who are HOTCATS©?

Middle Managers to C- Level who:  Heavily Outperform The Competition At Their Seniority©

Am I exceptional enough to qualify for the

The ten criteria we use to admit people into the Club are:

    1.    You have outperformed the competition in a succession of recent roles,
    2.    You have operated in a variety of different functions,
    3.    You have outstanding references from very senior people,
    4.    You may, but not necessarily have an outstanding academic record,
    5.    You have an outstanding record in improving profitability / commercial performance,
    6.    You take pleasure in working with and empowering teams; your referees confirm this,
    7.    You have worked primarily with large companies with well recognised brands,
    8.    You come across with a great deal of authority on your specialist subject,
    9.    You have shown unusual capacity to self-improve,
    10.    You have the maturity of self-awareness and show high emotional intelligence.

These ten criteria score a maximum of 100 points. How high would you score?

Our reference checking process is not the glib, tick box exercise you may be familiar with; it is a much deeper conversation with referees who will be asked questions you will not have anticipated.  Their willingness, or not to spend five minutes on the phone will give us some clues, as will the things they do not say about you.  

How do I benefit from joining the

Nelson King goes first to our
HOTCATS for any of the roles our most discerning, blue-chip Clients are filling.  You get first refusal on the best career moves.  

You receive free updates ( you can opt out ) on the latest trends: anything from interview techniques, salary reviews, career counselling from one of two accredited coaches on our team, industry overviews etc.

You receive individualised coaching before interviews – way beyond the superficial advice you've had.  We give you honest but sensitively delivered feedback on your answers to questions we know you will be asked.

You receive free updates on how to attract the best talent long-term for your own teams.  We have spoken to thousands of ambitious, hungry, disaffected or frustrated candidates over more than 22 years.

You have your own 'career manager,'  someone who will be there for you – free of charge.  Call her/him at any time and get honest perspectives from someone who has recruited for middle managers and CEOs.

Membership of the
HOTCATS Club is free but you have to be HOT; in the whole of industry, UK and USA, only 833 people have qualified in 20 years.

Contact us now in total confidence - and tell us how we can help.