Nelson King will continuously strive for lower CO2 emissions. As of December 2015 we are carbon negative: we generate more energy from renewables than is used in our operations. We export more energy to the grid than we use, so we actually re-pay carbon debt from the past, not merely achieve carbon neutrality.

solar powered

Nelson King has installed solar PV to power its offices. Because we use only laptops (power saving) and LED lighting, we generate more electricity from solar than we use.  Further - we have optimised the voltage to only 222V so that we take even less power from the grid.  What little energy we buy from the grid, we buy from Good Energy, who generate 100% of their energy from renewables.


Working against gravity uses large amounts of energy. When relocating offices recently, we made sure it was to a building without lifts of any description. Elevators and escalators use huge amounts of electricity.

heating water

We have fully insulated windows, roof and walls. We boil minimal amounts of water needed for hot drinks.


We use only LED light panels.


We recycle all cartridges, paper, cardboard and packaging of any sort.
We use only 100% recycled paper and envelopes.
We choose our suppliers of stationery etc. that use minimal packaging.
We operate a non-print policy on emails and encourage non-print of our emails out.

non-use of plastic

We drink no bottled water.
We use no single-use plastics and constantly look for reusable alternatives.